I use this modulated LED Demo that I picked up from the Exploratorium Teacher Institute to discuss senses as the interpretation of external stimuli.

I believe that the future will be an interdisciplinary one, and that all students while attaining a depth-concentration in their subject of choice should be versed in the lingo, questions and context of other disciplines. One of the most interesting things to me about teaching is the idea that you are training students to face problems that have not yet been encountered using the knowledge which we have today.
With these two points in mind, I believe that education is a dialogue, that hands on investigation is necessary and I like to push my students to imagine the seemingly impossible, by disarming them of their preconceptions about a topic. For example, in my Biomimicry course I introduce the topic of senses using a light-modulated LED — the idea being that senses are not limited to sight and sound, rather they are any means which allows a body to interpret stimuli from the outside world.

Teaching experience includes: Biomimicry (Art Center College of Design, lecturer), Cycles of Power (Art Center College of Design, guest lecturer), Molecular Computation (California Institute of Technology, guest lecturer), and Neural Computation (California Institute of Technology, teaching assistant). I also have had the privilege of participating in the Exploratorium Teacher Institute for three summers as a graduate fellow. Prior to my graduate work I also tutored inner-city high school students in New York City and teenagers transitioning out of juvenile hall in Alameda County as a Cal Corps volunteer.

An artist disguised as a technician