I am very proud to hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley with a double major in English Literature and Molecular and Cellular Biology. In my final year of undergraduate I wrote over 150 pages of lab reports, essays, and a 50-page honors thesis. Prior to my final year, I had a brief love affair with journalism.

Articles from my time at The Daily Californian can be found in their archive room except for the sixty or so editorials I wrote on behalf of the 2000-2001 Senior Editorial Board.

Choose Your Adventure Arts Orientation Issue (August, 2001)

I was particularly proud of the look and content of this arts section (2001)









In my alternative universe as a scientist, I have also received acknowledgements from fellow scientists for providing comments and helping to revise their manuscripts.¬†Among them, Seelig, et al.’s 2006 Science paper on “Enzyme-free nucleic acid logic circuits” and Pei, et al.’s 2010 Nature Nanotechnology paper on “Training a molecular automaton to play a game”.

An artist disguised as a technician